Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spring has Sprung

hola familia!

Haha the weather here is so crazy! Just a few weeks ago, it was low 0 degrees to the 20’s and then this past week I woke up to a glorious sound outside that I haven’t heard since I got to Punta Arenas. There were birds chirping outside! And now all the trees have little buds on them! The weather is getting warmer haha and I don’t like it. Yesterday it was in the 40’s and I was sweating... about a month ago, the sun set at 4 pm, in the dead of winter. Now, in the beginning of spring it doesn’t get dark until 8. I’ve heard in summer the sun sets at 12 am. I hope I’m here to see it!

The General Women's Conference was great! We watched it live at 9 pm and it ended at 11 pm. We watched in the house of a member with an investigator. Then, her husband (the second counselor) asked if I could give a talk in church the next day...

Heyo dang!!! I wish I was there to hear and see Jake's setting apart! I imagine it was super genial (great)! Jake wrote me and it's amazing and crazy to see how much he has matured just hearing his writing voice...

A fun experience I had this week: We were walking to a cita (appointment) and on the sidewalk there was a street dog (not uncommon at all) then all of the sudden, I had the impression, “be careful, that dog will try and bite you.”

The dog looked harmless, soaking in the bright sun, but I’ve learned very well to listen to that voice. We walked past, me closest to the dog and hna Cookson on the other side of me. All of a sudden the dog jumped up and tried to bite off my calf. Knowing it was going to happen, I quickly dodged the bite and picked up a rock to throw at the beast. All of the sudden, 5 other rottweilers came out from behind the fence and ran in for the kill.

Luckily I had my nunchucks in my backpack and remembered a fair amount of the cage fighting skills I’ve picked up in the streets... anyway, I karate chopped the beasts and sent them howling away to their mamas.

Hahaha no broma (joke). But the part about dodging the bite is true. There have been lots of other moments where I have felt the guiding presence of the Holy Ghost protecting me from danger. 

This week as well, we finally got back in contact with Mario and have begun teaching him and his family. He is so awesome and it is amazing to see the change and peace in his eyes. This week was really cool because we were in a lesson with him and his family and a member. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation. Nothing like being able to testify to 6 people in the same small kitchen/family room. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and testifying, but nothing beats it when you have a family and they are all listening and asking amazing questions!

We also met an awesome young mother named Liset. She is so prepared. I don’t have much time so I will tell you about her next week. But it is so true what Preach My Gospel says! “If you are working hard and doing all you can, you will be led to the people who the Lord is preparing.”

Oh yeah! Haha I'll tell you about our other investigators next week, I'm out of time...we have cambios (transfers) next Wed. I want to stay here so bad! We have so many great investigators and a baptism for every weekend in Octubre!!

I love you all! Have a great week! Prep for General Conference! The best way to do so is beginning with fast and ending with the first session and breakfast cake! Haha going to miss that...

les amo

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