Sunday, September 25, 2016

Over the Hill

hola familia,
 I feel really old. Jaja but really.

I love you guys so much! Hope all is well. This week I have learned a lot about being positive and loving people by not seeing who they are ahora (now), but who they can become. We as humans have power to do great things, but when we pray for charity we are given power to change lives. 

The thrill of flying comes after the fear of falling :))

Yesterday was 18 de Septiembre (the birth of CHILE so everything was closed). We had to be inside at 7 en vez de a las (instead of) 9:30...for safety. Lots of people were drunk... there was a guy peeing on a fence across from the street. I wanted to get a pic but hna Cookson said, "That's downright wrong..."
Just about everyone we talked to were drunk or a little buzzed... and no fireworks, but everyone flies kites because it’s so windy and there was a huge carnival parade in Centro but it’s out of our sector so we couldn’t see it.

Our new Mission President, President Isom and his wife are now here. All I know about him is that he speaks Spanish and his wife does not. Supposedly we are going to meet him before transfers which are the 5 of octubre.

Here is a letter we received from them:

Dear Sisters and Elders,
We are happy to be with you here in the Chile Osorno Mission. In the last three weeks we have received many blessings and tender mercies which have helped us prepare to come to Chile quickly. We have met with Elder Bednar and received our call from President Eyring. We testify that these men are apostles of Jesus Christ and our call, such as any calling, are from a loving Heavenly Father. We hope to meet each of you very soon. Until then then we send our love.

President and Sister Isom

Sorry it's short. I love you all. Keep reading keep praying keep loving keep laughing.

Hermana Hess

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