Thursday, September 1, 2016


hola familia! 

This week (haha as all are) was fantastic and very hard. First off, to describe the title, about 4 days ago, Hna Cookson started crying after comp study out of frustration with the schedule. In the morning we only have an hour for both people to shower, get ready for the day and eat breakfast. It has never been a problem for me because I shower quick, eat oatmeal, and only spend like 5 minutes for make-up and maybe 3 for my hair. For La Hermana however, it is really hard because she is used to two and half hours of showering and getting ready with makeup and hair... she told me that she doesn’t feel pretty anymore and feels really ugly because she doesn’t have enough time to do everything.

"I just want to feel pretty again," she said.

Hahaha well Padre Celestial heard that and that day was probably the funnest day in the mission. We got sooo many cat calls, guys trying to ask us out, one guy asked me to marry him and when I said no, he turned to La Hermana and asked her to marry him. As we shook hands goodbye, another guy kissed our hands. Others commented on our beautiful eyes and we received many other comments from practically every single guy in Rio de la Mano.

Every time a guy said something, I turned to Hna Cookson and asked ¿do you feel pretty yet? 

Pretty Girls!

We were knocking doors and ran into my new best friend. Her name is Sara. She’s from Chicago and lives here in Punta Arenas. She teaches English and is also a tour guide in Torres del Pine. We are teaching her and its weird because we are teaching in English... but!!! Haha it’s also really hard because we talk a lot about climbing and being in the back country. She offered me a job for after the mission on her guiding crew....  plus she said that when I come back she’ll take me into the park for free and show me around since we can’t go in right now... 

Now on a more spiritual note... this week I had one of the most spiritual moments yet on my mission. It was in a very messy house with a single mother whose young kids have a lot of attention problems (along with Aspergers) that I felt the reality of my call. I could feel the same power and authority that I received when I was set apart. I could feel an overwhelming feeling of the love that God has for her. It was sooo cool to teach her and help her and testify and promise blessings to her.

When we first entered, her house was a disaster. she looked really tired and depressed. There was no hope or happiness in her eyes. When we left, her hope was restored.

When we went back 3 days later, we found her cleaning her house with a new light in her eyes. She was smiling and looked really peaceful with a new confidence and peace around her. She told us that she had been praying many times during the day. That was the compromiso we left with her because she told us she hasn’t prayed since her mom died 5 years ago and that’s when her life became really difficult. Her house is completely turned around. She said it was a miracle. She feels happy and confident in her trials, she wants to get things done and she has a new attitude about everything. It was incredible to see this huge change in her and I know it is because now she is inviting the Holy Ghost into her life and asking for the divine help of God. 

I also want to share another personal experience I had. I’m not going to go into details (sorry mom) but I testify of the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I know when we hear “Atonement,” we think only of sinning and asking for forgiveness. That is only one part of the Atonement. Another part is using the Atonement to make up for what we lack. For the past couple weeks, I have been tried sooo much in my patience and love in a way that I never have had to deal with. Last week I was thinking that I could not last any more. Every night and morning I prayed for love and patience. I pled that He would bless me with His love and patience that He has for His children (that I sometimes lack), but I felt nothing. Then on my worst day, I felt a small prompting to do serve.

My first response was no! I don’t want to!

It came again and I decided to follow. Again, I testify of the power of the Atonement. Afterward, I felt an overwhelming feeling of God’s love that He has for His children. His has blessed me with so much patience and love for those that I lacked and I am seeing miracles. I am becoming a new person and it hurts a lot, but I know that it is who God wants me to be.

I hope you all are using the Atonement every day in repenting and asking for the strength you need to overcome your trials and shortcomings. I love my Savior. I know He lives and I will stand by Him forever.

love you lots!!!

yeah... flash back to OVER A FREAKING YEAR AGO!!!!!! I cannot believe it. I thought of it like 2 days ago at like midnight. I cannot believe it.

I love Punta Arenas!

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