Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I thought I got sent to Chile...?

hola familia!

This week was epic! Highs and lows, everything. Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane. Haha especially when Hna Cookson asks me about what I to like to do in my free time (what’s “free time?”) or what I want in my future husband (I have no idea anymore haha haven’t thought about that in a while...) I don’t know what "normal life" is anymore... 

This week we had a lesson with a family that we are teaching, Cristian and Natali. We taught about priesthood authority and living profetas (prophets). Cristian has a lot of doubts but is willing to learn and pray. I love teaching him. When we taught him about the Libro de Mormon (Book of Mormon), he told us that he didn’t believe us that it was the "most correct book" and that by reading it we will get closer to God. We offered him a copy and told him the only way for him to know for sure is if he read it. He told us, “Give me a month,” and took the book. This week was about profets and he again told us that he has never heard anyone say that there is a living profet and doesn’t believe. I had the oportunidad to testify of Thomas S. Monson as profet, seer and revelador de Dios. I love testifying to the people about him, and José Smith (Joseph Smith). I LOVE it! So many people have never heard the words "there is a living profet today!" I love teaching about it and testifying. I know that Presidente Monson is a profet of God. I know that he was called like Moises (Moses) to lead God’s people and like Aaron has the power and authority to do so. Cristian wants to read gen conf talks by Presidente Monson to form his own opinion. He is so good.

Alejandro is progressing great. We taught Word of Wisdom. He told us he will need some time to stop drinking coffee and tea and smoking but he knows that José Smith is a profet of God and if this is the revelation that he received then he will obey. Alejandro is GOLD!!!! I also love teaching him. Those both are so prepared and will be great leaders here in the church in punta.

We had the baptism of Marta and Dennis. Korin’s dad got angry so she couldn’t get baptized... :( but he said she could still participate in church and everything. It was such a neat spiritual experience. I’m running out of time so I will send you what I wrote to Pres. Obeso about an experience.
Marta  (mama) dennis (hijo) 

Jaja I just think it’s funny that I got sent to Chile and first real converts are Colombian. No doubt sent here for better opportunity and religious freedom because en Colombia it is really dangerous for the missionaries. They are not allowed to do any street contacting for safety. Here in Chile, people have so many more opportunities for life and religion. 


Esta semana, tuvimos la oprotunidad a ver dos de nuestros investigadores, una mama y su hijo, entrar en las aguas del bautismo. Mi experiencia no fue lo que pensé. Pensé que despues del bautismo, estaría lleno del espiritu santo y mi gozo sería completo, con dice en la escritura en DyC 18. Yo sentí muy feliz y sentí el espiritu allí. Pero no era hasta que ellos recibieron el don del espiritu santo que allí mi gozo estuvo grande. Para mi, fue un otro testimento que bautismo no es completo sin el don del espiritu santo. Era una experiencia muy linda y vale la pena, todo.

Muchas gracias por todo lo que esta haciendo 

Hermana Hess


This week we had the opportunity to see two of our investigators, a mom and her son, enter the waters of baptism. My experience was not what I thought it would be. I thought that after their baptism, I would be filled with the Holy Spirit and my joy would be complete as the scriptures say in D&C 18. I was very happy and felt the spirit there, but it was not until they received the gift of the Holy Ghost that I felt great joy. For me, it was another testament that baptism is not complete without the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a very lovely experience and it is all worth it.

Thank you very much for everything you are doing.

Hermana Hess)

It’s been really windy here... I thought there was an earthquake at first because our house started shaking and all the street lights and buildings but nope, it’s just the wind... 

We have cambios this wed. I think I’ll be staying here with la hna and finishing her training!!

Life is hard but that’s what makes it so great!

love you all les quiero!

have a great last week of summer, enjoy the sun for me!
awaiting interviews with presidente obeso with la hermana obeso

free art

it snowed, so i did the only logical thing...

 i cant remember who i am!
I love Punta Arenas!

beach and snow, what more do you need?

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