Monday, August 1, 2016

Up and Down and Side to Side

Hola familia!

It’s funny how sometimes time feels like its flying by and other days it feels like it never moves... this week was like that. One day I wake up and then it feels like in 10 minutes we are back at the house planning for mañana and then the next day it feels like the sun never sets... haha who am I kidding, there’s no sun here. But I think you get the message. :) 

This week I had two really spiritual experiences. 
1. We are teaching a Colombiano se llama Mario. The first leccion he accepted bautismo. Saturday we had the second lession with him about the plan of salvacion. We began explaining about our purpose here on earth and that we need to make certain covenants with God, like baptism. He then asked so, what do I need to do to be baptized? I can’t tell you how happy I felt to hear this! He is one of gold. He then shared with us that he feels this need to be baptized and that he knows that this is the church to do it. (Haha hopefully he still feels that way after some of the commandment leccions :) he then asked us how we knew and got our testimonies about the Church of Jesus Christ. Our lesson turned into a really spiritual powerful testimony meeting with me, my comp, Mario and a member that we brought. Otra vez the Spirit confirmed to me that the Church is true and that everything we are teaching, the investigators can feel the spirit testify of the truth.

2. We had a first lesson with Alejandro. His girlfriend is a less active and it was sooo cool. This is how it happened:

We had entercambios (splits) this week. I was with Hna Bernal. She is amazing and is from Colombia. We were walking down a street and had planned to visit a different less active, but when we passed the street of Maria, I don’t know why, I just turned down her street and in a split second, changed my mind that we are going visit Maria instead. At the time I didn’t recognize it as anything. Maria was home and invited us in. We talked and shared a message. Right as we were ending, her pareja (boyfriend that she lives with) got home. We said hi and began to talk with him, casual conversations. We then explained that we are the missionaries from the church of his girlfriend and wondered if he was interested in learning more about the church. He told us sure and we set a leccion por friday.

That Friday was sooooo good!!!! The Spirit was so strong in the leccion and Maria was there and another member convert. They both shared their testimonies and I could tell Maria felt the Spirit for the first time in a while. At the end, they shared with us that on Wednesday (before we came by), they had had a deep conversation about the Church of Jesus Christ and the beliefs and everything. Alejandro told Maria that he wanted to learn more and she said, "I know there are missionaries here but I don’t know how we’ll find them."

That night, we were impressed to knock on her door.

MIRACLES ARE REAL!!! God is soo good. Ahh so many other experiences this week that just testified to me ultra vez que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial y nos ama tanto!!! yo testifico de eso!!! (God is our Heavenly Father and loves us so much!!! I testify of that!!)

Marta, Dennis and Korin weren’t baptized this week because Korin (9 years old) left for Santiago to spend 2 weeks with her dad, and they want to be baptized together. Their new fech (date) is 13 de agost because Korin still needs to come to church one more time.

The mission is great. It’s hard but spectacular. I now understand a bit how sad Padre Celestial feels when we deliberately make bad choices because we are stubborn. He is so great to us. Man, I can’t wait to talk to you guys and tell you everything!!! Hahah Kyle, Jake, Russell, Joey, it’s the best decision up to this point in your life that you will ever make. Be worthy to go. Prepare to go.

les quiero! hasta la proxima semana! Cuidense! lea sus escrituras :D (I love you all! Until next week! Take care! Read His writings!)

You know you're a missionary when you try and feel bad that your comp has a migraine but it means that you have 3 hours to do personal study!!

Welcome to Chile!

Hermana Bernal

dessert de papas

we went for a run today!! so great to finally go with someone who can keep a pace... there's a nice wilderness park just outside of our sector that we could go to. felt so good to hit the trails again

Look what we found ("No Riding")

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