Monday, May 29, 2017

Knock, knock

This week we had an amazing experience in finding a less active young woman. We were knocking in a neighborhood at 8 at night. We turned a corner and there was a HUGE dog. It looked like a bear, literally. It was huge.

So we turned back around and the dog started to follow us. We got kind of freaked out because it looked mean. We turned another street and started to walk a little faster when another very mean dog snuck though an open gate and tried to get us so we backtracked until there was no dog in sight and we RAN.

We said a little prayer and then went to knock in a different sector which led us to a different sector which led us to the house of the less active. It was awesome because we came in just in the right moment when she needed it most.

After we left I was marveled to think of the interesting ways that Padre Celestial guides His servants. The first place that we were knocking usually has no dogs, but for some reason there were dogs that night. Had there not been, we would have kept knocking and not even gone past the street where the girl is. 

The next day we had to go to our old house to show the landlord how it is. We still had to get a pipe fixed that was clogged. The landlord told us that she has other people that want to rent out the house now so they were also going to come over to see the house.

We were all there, inspecting the house. It was all clean and nice until the landlord asked about the hot water. We showed her how you turn it on (it was off because of the clog) and she turned it on. We heard a pop and a thud and my comp ran to the bathroom to see what happened .  She screamed, “turn it off turn it off!!!!!”

We turned it off and went to see what happened.

The pipe just about burst and it was flooding poop water onto the bathroom tile. haha I felt so embarrassed because the woman who wanted to rent the house was still there looking at the house and we don’t have the best relationship with our landlord so I knew that it would be our fault if the woman doesn’t want the house anymore.

We got chewed out pretty hard by the landlord.... but whatever. It happened and passed. In the moment it was very stressful and I was mad but my companion is amazing and just started laughing so hard. I think it helped too that she didn’t understand a lot of what the landlord was saying but after she left, we just burst out laughing. hahahaha que verguenza!!! (What a shame!!!) We have to finish cleaning the house because apparently it wasn’t clean enough this week and then it will be the landlord’s again and I will never have to deal with that house again!!!! I am awaiting that day. 

Oh a funny story. We knocked a door and the guy answered. We introduced ourselves and asked if he has ever talked with missionaries. He looked at us and said with a thick accent "bye bye!" and shut the door.

haha there were many of those this week. I love my comp because she just laughs everything off.

There was another house we knocked and no one answered. Then a little dog that was next to us squeezed through the gate and went up to the door and whined. The door opened quickly for the dog and shut before we could say hi.

Another. There was a little girl jumping on the couch but no one seemed to be "home" to answer the door. We were looking at her trying to tell her to call her mom when she fell off the couch. hahahaha 

On Friday night we were out knocking and my comp said, "ahhhh it’s Friday night." me "haha yeah... why? Did someone ask us to come by on Friday and we forgot to write it down?" "Nope. I’m just wondering what my family and friends are doing right now because it’s a Friday night" oh yeah. I forgot that was a big deal in the real world... 

welp... sorry this email has been more funny that spiritual. This cambio has been a little difficult in that sense. But I’ve started reading the Libro de Mormon again in Spanish (obvio) but with a different motive. I’m trying the “Bednar challenge.”

He challenged the missionaries and just about everyone to pick a topic, like faith, and then study the BofM and only highlight scriptures that have to do with that topic.

I’m doing that but with the question ¿is the Book of Mormon really another testament of Jesucristo? It is amazing.

I love the scriptures! I can promise you guys that if you read with a purpose, they will speak to you. You will come to receive a lot of answers and come to know more powerful than ever that Jesus is the Christ and that this church is true and that this Book really does bring anyone closer to Christ. I love my mission even with the challenges!! Fight until the end! Forever strong!!!!

I know the work is the Lord’s work and that everything we do blesses us, our family, the ward. Even if we aren’t having number success, I know that our efforts don’t go unnoticed. I love the mission. 

love you all !!!! Disfruten el sol y calor!! (Enjoy the sun and heat!!) Hasta el lunes proximo. (Until next Monday).

ps i took out a lot of money because I bought stuff for you guys. And next week we are going with the district to the volcan osorno. Look up pics on google. It’s beautiful!!!


Some pics from last cambio with hna Ribeiro: 

my nemesis

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