Thursday, October 20, 2016

I Love Traveling

hola familia!

Today I am writing in a little ciber in downtown Osorno. We have a conference with all the zone and hna leaders in the mission tomorrow with Pres. Isom. Should be fun!

We left Punta today at 10 in the morning and landed in Puerto Montt at 3, then took a bus to Osorno and arrived at 6 pm. My tush hurts.

And I’m having culture shock. I’ve been in Punta for about 5 months now and have completely forgotten that Punta is its own world. Haha I feel like I’m just arriving in Chile again. The sun is actually hot and there is no Antarctic wind. It’s the beginning of summer and I’m actually sweating! I’m not freezing cold in a cardigan and a shirt!

It’s really interesting and sad, I love Punta Arenas but it is hard. The people are every different than up north. Everyone here (up north) has energy. There are kids playing in the streets, the sun is out and I feel so happy and content. Punta has the highest suicidal rates in Chile... and being up here now for the 4 hours since I’ve arrived I feel so much different and better. It’s weird because it’s like I had a weight that I never realized I was carrying. I think I might suffer a little bit from seasonal depression... 

But on a happy note... mom, to answer your questions... I am hna leader with the beautiful hna Valle de honduras-Washington State. We are hna leaders over all the hermanas in Punta Arenas which happens to only be four. I did my first entercambio (trade-offs or exchanges) last week with hna Delmas de Brazil. She’s awesome. It’s really cool being able to help the hnas and serve other missionaries in this way. I think that was all your questions...

Dude being hna leader is fun but also sad because you hear about drama now from what’s going on in other areas. 

On Saturday we had the baptism of Luis Edwardo. It was scheduled for nine pm because he worked until 8:30 and then his boss made him stay later so we were all in the capilla (chapel) waiting for him for about an hour. The baptism started at 10:15 and went until about 11:45 pm. But it was awesome. He’s a good kid and has changed a lot to get to this point. He made me so happy on our last lesson with him when we talked about missionary work and he said he will start thinking about going on a mission! 

It’s been kind of a de ja vu moment today because I went through all the terminals and places that I went through 10 months ago when I started my mission. Time flies so fast. I’ve been thinking a lot about the person I’ve become and my goals for the future.

There are so many things I’ve learned through failure, experience, and patience. I never would have imagined everything I’ve seen, felt, heard and experienced. 10 months ago I was a teenager, ready for adventure and thought I knew what I wanted in the future. Now, I am an adult. I am wiser, happier, kinder and friendlier. I know my faults, I know what I lack, but I am working to change.

10 months ago I knew I lacked things but I couldn’t tell you what. Now I know and now I know what I need to do to continue to grow, continue to learn. 10 months ago I wanted to be a consecrated missionary. Now I know how to be. 10 months ago I believed in Christ. Now I believe Christ. 

And now I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I think I am just going to pull a “sons of Mosiah” and see y’all in 14 years! Jaja

Love you all so much!! Don’t lose your smile. Don’t lose your laugh. Don’t stop being you. You are great. You are great.

lLes quiero muchisimo! Jaja es dificil escribir en Ingles! Mi mente no funciona. bueno... iba a enviar fotos pero la hna Valle justo enchufo su camera y un virus entro y ahora no tiene sus fotos... entonces no enviare fotos esta semana. Lo siento. Les quiero mucho y por favor aprenden espaƱol porque no habla ingles jaja (I love you all very much! Haha, it's hard to write in English! My mind doesn't work like that. Well, I'd send photos but Sister Valle plugged in her camera and it has a virus and now there are no I won't send photos this week. Sorry. I love you all a lot and please learn Spanish because I don't speak English haha.)

Haha dude all I want for my birthday is someone that I know, a friend neighbor, family member to be baptized. I don’t want presents. I want you guys to help the missionaries out. I want you guys to visit the less actives. I want you guys to invite the missionaries and their investigadores over for noches de hogares (family home evening) I want you to befriend their investigators!

Jaja and remember the American girl we were teaching who works as a guide in Punta Arenas? We aren’t teaching her anymore because she is now working for the next 4 months on a guiding ship that goes to Antarctica... #dreamjob
les amo! bestios

Hey, what are the symptoms of pink eye? I think I have pink eye…

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