Monday, July 18, 2016

Snow in July!

Hola familia! 

Como estan? Hopefully warmer than I am!! It snowed Saturday night. I love it. It’s been sleeting for the past week, so I’ll take the snow any day. At least it doesn’t leave me soppy wet. Haha today the sun came out for the first time in 2 weeks! I feel so happy. 

Mi hija is Hermana Cookson. She is from Orem, Utah. She’s super cool, but having the same struggles that I had adjusting to mission life and the language. It is so crazy because I knew I had come far, but until I started training, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve grown. It’s a milagro (miracle). God is definitely helping me. Before Hna Cookson came, I could understand everything about 85 % of the time. But I think a blessing of being a trainer is that now I understand about 99% of the time.

Hahaha its great... but also has its disadvantages. Being two gringas here, we had a few men come up to us over the past week and say/ask some very inappropriate things.

Haha a funny story... we began talking to a man while crossing the street. My comp was talking to him and he began asking us some inappropriate things. She didn’t understand so I cut in and told him that we are missionaries and have a standard that is called the Law of Chastity and explained it to him. He then began explaining something and I told him that we had to go but my comp, wanting to talk to everyone and not really understanding kept talking to him. Then he asked her if she was for hire. I said “no!” grabbed her arm and walked in the opposite direction. Haha she then turned to me and asked, “What was he talking about?” I told her and she just about died. 

On a holier note, we had to postpone the bap date for Dennis because he wants to be baptized with his mom and sister. His mom works two jobs so she is behind a bit in the lessons. They have a new date for 30 de Julio. It was sooo cool. We taught his mom, Marta, this week about the Law of Chastity and Tithing. I was a little nervous because she has a boyfriend and they have money problems. But after I explained it, Marta told me, “Well if it is a commandment of the Lord, I will obey.” What faith!! 

We had a stake activity that the Obra Misional was in charge of last week. It was La Gran Noche Colombiana. Super genial (great) and we got a family reference from it! Hna Cookson y yo visited the family Saturday night. I was a little nervous for this lesson one, because Mario has a really thick accent, and two, I was in charge of the lesson. La Hna helped when she could, but I felt like I butchered it big time. At the end, I asked then how they felt, Mario y Yoana. They said super good, that everything makes sense and that many of their questions were answered.

Only through the power of the Holy Ghost could they have understood perfectly of my Spanish. It was a miracle. Then, Hna Cookson invited them to be baptized (no one says yes on the first lesson) AND THEY SAID YES!!! This is the first time in the mission that this has happened. Usually they say, “for now, no but when I know it’s true probably.” THEY SAID YES!! And Mario came to church yesterday. They are sooo prepared. The Lord has many great things planned for the people here and I am so blessed to be a part of it and witness the miracles.

The Gospel is so true. Answers come through studying the Book of Mormon. Waiting upon the Lord will always bring blessings!

I love the mission :) Best decision ever!

Have a great week! Love you lots!

…I’d sent pics but the computer isn’t reading my pen drive... urgh

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