Wednesday, July 13, 2016


hola familia! 

So this week we got rid of the lice! I had to shave my head, one because the vinegar ruined my hair and two because there was no other way. My comp didn’t want to get them because she has really thick hair and is leaving to go home tomorrow..... is it breezy or is it just me? I believe Kyle wrote me a letter that if I shaved my head he would shave his too! I want pics! I want a video!

yeah... I look like a cancer victim.

jajaja just kidding.... I still have my hair :) one of the members in the ward is in the army and gets good discounts on stuff, one being the shampoo that kills lice. Another member had the brush that takes out the moving lice (minus the eggs) and Hna Torres is a pro de egger. I’ve been clean for about 5 days now! 

This week was really difficult comp-wise... but I have learned a lot from Hna Torres. Both good and bad. I know that God will never give us anything that we can’t handle. I now comprender (understand) what it means to "wait upon the Lord" a little better. 

A little bit about my ward and investigators:

We are a ward of about 249 members. However only 37 attend church and are actively practicing the faith. I don’t know much about our bishop, only that he is amazing. He works 2 jobs, is a convert of 5 years and his wife and children are less active. We are small in number but large in testimony.

We are teaching a family of three from Colombia. Marta (mama), Dennis and Korin. They have a bap date for the 23rd of this month!!! However, they are struggling with a few things... we are working with them to help them overcome their addictions.

Another investigator is Rosalia. She is 67 and amazing!!!  She has so much faith. I love visiting her and the comments and questions she has. She is really prepared. She didn’t accept a bap date because she has a problem of accepting living prophets. So ahora (now) we are working with her about that. We read the liahonas (Church magazines) with her and some of the conference talks that have passed. 

There are a few more investigators, but we have lot to do today... so we are cutting it short. 

Hna Torres is off to Colombia tomorrow and my new comp is coming Thursday. She is a gringa. Her name is Hna Cookson. She’s from California and I am her mama! Hahaha yep, President asked me to train. I’m really excited. We are going to do great things. The newbies always are super excited and want to work really hard!!!

There was something else I wanted to write but I forgot....

Oh I remember!!! Christina, my investigator in Futrono got baptized this past Saturday!!!!!! Wahooo!! :D

we are eating well...
 Love you lots!! Take care this week!

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