Tuesday, May 24, 2016

P day Already?

ola familia!

This week all we did was work work work... when I get home I’m going to sleep for at least a week. Honestly, I can’t remember much. We had 21 lessons this week and found 8 new people/ families that want us to come back!! Waahooo! But sorry, this email is going to be short....

Fun quote of the week: "It’s wine, but it’s watered down so it’s okay.”

We were at a member’s house having a family home evening (here, the missionaries plan and do everything) with her less active and nonmember kids. For dessert we had... honestly I don’t know what it was... but she offered us a sauce to put on top of it. When we asked how she made it, she said it was wine, but “watered down so it’s okay”..... Luckily she hadn’t poured it on our portion yet and we asked her if she had jam instead that we could put on the moist mass of…I literally have no idea.

Haha but the family home evening was awesome! There were about 7 people there and we were able to testify to them and teach them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And what was even better, the family was participating!! I can’t tell you how many uncomfortable lessons I’ve been in, trying to figure out what the people need or want, or if they just let me in because I’m a gringo. But these people were asking really good questions, and it was AWESOME to show them the Book of Mormon really answers all the doubts that the Bible gives.

Hermano Telmo (the man dying of cancer) is doing bad. The light has gone from his eyes.... the majority of his family live here and visit every day.

The lady we began teaching last week, whose family was baptized a few months ago had to go help her daughter with something and won’t be back in Futrono until the middle of June, so that’s a huge bummer…but we have been keeping contact with her and she is good right now.

People here go wherever they can find work. The houses aren’t much so it’s pretty cheap to move around. Sometimes people just abandon their house and another person finds it and decides to live there. Haha.

My Spanish hahaha depends on how stressed I am. Some days I can speak and understand perfectly, other days I can’t understand anything and other days my tongue doesn’t want to speak in a Spanish accent and I sound really gringo.

This past week we began doing music classes for the youth here. And let me tell you... teaching piano in Spanish is really hard. They learn music waaay different. They use do ray mi so fa la ti do, not ABCDEFG. 

But yeah... haha if you want more next week, Kyle, Jake, Joey, write me!! ;)

Love you lots, the mission is THE BEST THING EVER!

les quiero

"For your security: Single hand drying. Forbidden to use hair and clothing"

looks like gas prices are on the rise again... and i thought $4.75 was bad...

RIP (literally) to my first backpack on the mish

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