Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hombres (Dudes)

ola familia!

So I’ve been in Futrono now for about 4 months. And throughout this time, I have had so interesting experiences with men. But I don’t know what was up with yesterday... literally every man that we passed by made a kissing sound or whistled at me.

This one guy came up (waaay too close) to me and said ¡convertame convertame mi amor! (convert me, convert me my love).

Another guy asked if he could take me to lunch.

And we were contacting and began talking to a guy. We quickly realized he was drunk, so we tried to end it fast. He wanted to shake our hands as we said goodbye so we did. And as he shook my hand, he took it and began kissing it and begging me to walk him home.

Ahhhhhhhghalksdjfha vnkjathrqertaldfn I’m so fed up with men.

And alcohol.

Seriously it is sooo dumb don’t drink. You look like an idiot and everyone makes fun of you or doesn’t like you.

Our neighbors are partiers and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they are up until 3 in the morning drunk out of their minds, screaming and singing to the radio. And because our walls are so thin, (literally just a slab of wood that separates us) we get to hear them throw up while trying to have companionship and personal study. We don’t know what to do because we don’t have time to try and find another place to live. But... oh well.... that was my rant for the week.

This week was uneventful with lessons, but very stressful. I can now understand why 19-year-old boys leave out on their missions and come back half-balding men.

Many of our less actives are less active because they have a big calling and are new converts and have no idea what to do and there aren't enough members, so they are in their calling alone. We have about 15 members with callings that are inactive because of this.

One such is the Young Women president. She's a new convert and was asked to lead the 12-18 year old girls. It is just her with the 2 active YW we have, but the president is now less active because she was never in Young Women as a girl and doesn't know how it is run and feels guilt for it so it seems better for her to just not come to church.

We started working with her and now we are her YW counselors, aka, in charge until she learns how it's done. But my comp is a convert and was never in YW either, so it's just me. Since we began working with the YW pres, she came to church!! Wa hooo!! But no YW came, so she left after 2 hour...

Oh and we are also in charge of teaching Temple Prep during Sunday School. Any ideas? I seriously haven’t been this stressed ever. I have no idea what I’m doing. So many hard things have happened this week.

Hahahaha youth conference sounded awesome!! I love that there are so many youth there that you guys can do so many fun things. There are 4 active youth here....

A cool experience, during the sacrament, I was sitting by the piano (I play for the branch), thinking about all the members who aren’t here and all the people who want us to do stuff and all the problems of our investigators and sad that none of them were here. I felt so alone and scared and overwhelmed. I began praying, asking Heavenly Father why I’m here. I’m only 19 years old and don’t know how to help an investigator whose marriage is falling apart, and a less active that is struggling with a bad addiction. I don’t know how to comfort a mom whose son is a drug addict. I’m far from perfect and feel so incapable. The Holy Ghost told me, Karissa, you’re not perfect, but I didn’t call you to teach perfect people.

I know that God is mindful of everything and everyone of us. We are given certain experiences to grow and to help because, through His grace and Atonement, we can be His hands and He will help us accomplish all problems.

Dude, I’m like freaking out. I want to talk to you guys sooo much and just see all of you but I’m also super nervous because I know I’ll be crying and it will be hard to refocus after...

I love you guys soo much! and can’t wait to skype y’all on Sunday!

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