Thursday, March 10, 2016

What a Week!

This week has been pretty great! We had a goal to have at least one lesson a day with a member present and we ALMOST achieved it,... faltamos (we missed) one day... BUT an awesome experience with that.....


Saturday: we weren’t sure who we could ask in the rama (branch) that wasn’t working that could come out with us to a lesson. As we were praying, we asked the Lord to help us and just as we said those words, our phone rang. We ended the prayer and called back. It was Hermana Laura, a 76-year-old convert. She said that she hasn’t been feeling super spiritually enlightened this week and wanted to go out with us! Talk about a milagro (miracle)!


We went to the lesson we had with a young mother named Paulina. Paulina doesn’t believe in God, but in December when Hermana Braithwaite and her other comp found her, she was depressed and without hope and willing to listen. Paulina then had to leave for work in the city for three months (very normal here since there isn’t a lot of work in the small town of Futrono).


Paulina just got back and so we decided to reteach the first lesson, about the restoration of the gospel. After talking with her a little and catching up, it was evident that Hermana Laura was here for a reason! Everything that Paulina was struggling with, was the exact same thing that Hermana Laura had struggled with before she got baptized. Paulina’s life was Hermana Laura’s life, and Hermana Laura was able to bear a powerful testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon in changing bad habits and addictions. 


Then, yesterday, at 4 am, I got my very own WELCOME TO CHILE fiesta, “Montezuma’s revenge” themed. Ya... our bathroom got destroyed. My poor companion... I am feeling a lot better today. My body still aches and I feel a little dizzy, but I can walk and I can work :)


Tomorrow we have cambios (transfers—every six weeks or so, some missionaries are transferred to a new area and a new companion)!! Crazy that my first transfer is going to happen. Although I know I’m staying here and we are 96% sure Hermana Braithwaite will stay too.


Have a great week, and you should study Ether 12 if you have time. it is powerful!


Kyle, Jake Joey, y’all need to write to me!


Love you!

We baptize in this lake, but in a different spot

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