Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This Week

Hola hola familia,

This week has been meh. But I guess it happens to everyone... some background info first: They construct houses here how I thought houses were constructed when I was younger. You stick a piece of wood in the ground, and then 3 more, and make a box shape and then throw some tin on top and you’re set to go! Its actually pretty cool, like camping without commitment. You’re safe, kind of, from the rain, but you still get your spiders, fleas, animals and freezing cold air... and slugs :)

We get a lot of visitors

Soooo Sunday I was out for the count with vomit and diarrhea. Fun. Then Monday morning I woke up and still felt sick so we had a chill p day. Then that night I wanted to work since we wasted a day inside on Sunday. So we went out and that was a mistake... Tuesday morning I woke up and my bottom lip was swollen but just in the middle. As the day progressed, so did the swelling and pain. Then that night, it began to blister. On Wed. I woke up and my lip was white, pussy and swollen. So we went to the hospital. Which, don’t freak, it’s not really a hospital (the closest is 2 hours away in Valdivia). But it is the only doctor clinic in Futrono.

So we go there and by a miracle we were able to be seen right away instead of waiting for 5 hours which usually happens. Haha this “hospital” was like those 1920 army hospitals in the movies. I was in one “room” and on the other side of the curtain someone was getting their hand stitched and on the other side of that curtain someone else was in pain. Anyways... the doctor comes in to see me. He smelled like he just finished smoking. And, without gloves or washing his hands, he begins to touch my lip and sticks his hand in my mouth, to check out the sore. Turns out a spider or something bit my lip while I was sleeping and it got infected... so he put me on antibiotics. That all would have been great except it has been super hot here and we walk everywhere and people aren’t very sanitary, so I came down with a really bad cold, headache thing... and that’s how I feel right now :) . I could not talk for a day because it hurt so bad, it’s better now.

Pero (but)... an awesome experience this week:

Hermana Braithwaite and I performed a special musical number for our rama (branch) yesterday. I played guitar and sang and Hermana B sang. It was awesome! The spirit was really strong. 

Speaking of music, I play each Sunday on a little keyboard for our branch services… Thanks Grandma Hess, I’m cashing in on all those lessons. We had stake conference and I was asked to play there too! Cha-ching. No opportunities yet to teach kids the keyboard… but looking.

We are working with a menos active (less active member) and she is progressing sooo much! It is amazing to see the power of the Atonement work in her life. When we found her, she was about ready to end her life. Now, FOR THE FIRST TIME, she went out with us, OUTSIDE, to go visit an investigator. She has changed so much! Yes, she still has far to go, but to see how far she has come, where she would sleep all day and hardly eat, now she is coming to church, talking to other people and COMING TO VISIT PEOPLE WITH US!!! We were sooo shocked when she agreed to come! Hermana B and I were smiling ear to ear as we left her house.

The power of the Atonement is real. I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and everything He has done for me. I know that this is His church. I know that although at times life can be really rough, I am so grateful for these experiences to prove my faith and to act and choose how I will handle situations. Faith without action is merely a belief. And one way we can show our faith is by our attitude. I am learning a lot about faith this month, and of the love of our Father in Heaven.

Hope y’all have a wonderful week! Remember, the Lord loves you. Keep doing what’s right. Blessings will come, I promise. The church is true. Read your scriptures. They truly are the key to winning at life.

Tenga un buen dìa! (Have a nice day!)  Les quiero mucho!! (I love you very much!!)

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