Thursday, January 14, 2016

Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy

Another week come and gone! crazy! First off, before I forget, Grandma and Grandpa G and Brian and Liz! Do you know the Dubard family in your ward? Well, their son is in my zone here in Mexico! Small world...

Not much out of the ordinary has happened... but in 2 days it will be exciting!! Jan 16 is going to be crazy! First off, it's Russell´s birthday! Second it marks my month mark and third, it begins the 10 DAY COUNT DOWN TO CHILE!

Language is coming along slowly but surely. Hma Hoskins and I have had a few teaching opportunities and that´s been fun. We got to teach a lesson about Alma 5 and Mosiah 2 IN ENGLISH which was awesome because it relit the desire to go and teach people about this wonderful gospel. I'm so pumped!

We had a devo about Lot´s wife and one quote that I really liked from it was "Her attachment to the past outweighed her confidence in the future." Think about that. Ponder it, and ask yourself what are some fears you have about the future? What are your plans to overcome those fears or deal with them? Once that is established, tell our Father in Heaven. Pour out your soul to Him in prayer. I promise that if you do, you will have more confidence for the future and be able to let go, deal with, or minimize those fears.

We watched a live devo from Provo MTC of Elder Anderson and guess who I saw in the choir!! the beautiful HERMANA ZOE LAINER!! (my old roommate). Totally made my night. 

I had a cool experience with music and the gift of tongues. So there are some songs that aren't in the Spanish hymn book that are in the english, one being If you could hie to Kolob (hymn #284). That is one of my teacher's favorite hymn but she doesn't have the music to it. Someone had an english hymn book... so I spent most of my morning today at the piano composing and translating my version of If you could hie to Kolob. I'm going to play it for her tomorrow and have Hma Hoskins video it. 

Mom-  President Call says thank you! (I wrote him a thank you email for letting Karissa call on New Year's)

In response to your email last week about 1 Ne 1:20 and God only delivering the chosen people from their afflictions and what if we are not chosen... I've been studying that scripture too. I received some answers but have only time to share one: with it in regards to the Lord picking one person over another to deliver and strengthen them, please read and study D&C 121:34-36. "Many (and I believe all) are called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen...?"

It's because they, you, me, us, everyone, we all have the opportunity and responsibility to answer the call. He is always there, knocking, waiting, hoping, praying that we will put away our gosh darn pride, choose to be chosen and allow Him to come in and help strengthen and deliver us from our afflictions.

Before this life we were all foreordained to be something great. Because of our faith in Christ we were chosen to come to this earth and I testify to you that He has made me mighty even to the power of deliverance from feelings of inadequecies to deliverance from fear.

Some of us are asked to give up more in this life than others. I'm not sure if we all knew exactly what our mortal life would entail and what trials we would have to face, but Heavenly Father knew He could trust us enough to allow us to go through that said trial.

He knew our family had the faith to go through the death of Russell. He trusted us to ask "Who's on the Lord's side?" He trusted us enough to know that we would would hold fast to the truth. I hope this puts some light on the subject. It's not doctrine and it needs improvement. This is just what I was thinking about and tried to type out fast enough! hope it helps.

On a less awesome note... my stomach and digestive system still haven't figured out how to properly digest the Mexican cafeteria food... :)

Oh! And it rained yesterday! I was so happy. It smelled fresh and I welcomed the cold wind.

Mom, you wanted me to write you a word picture, well here it goes...

This morning the clouds were a scary dark grey contrasted against a vibrant blue sky. However, now the sky is an ocean blue and it looks like you can see onto eternity. The sun amplifies the white clouds and a gentle yet knowing wind pushes the cloud in a NW direction. When the clouds disperse, allowing the sunlight to reach the ground, the deep green palm tree leaves seem to eat up the light, leaving them with a soft, warm glow. Behind them, pink, orange, blue, lime green and purple houses give a nice contrast to the solid earthy browns and greens that are weaved into trees. The lime green parrots that live in the trees squwak ever so loudly, also enjoying the suns warm's rays. However, in the distance, looming quietly towards us, grey and black clouds splash against the pockets of baby blue. 

Still haven't gotten any letters... did you mail them though the missionary mail thing? The lady at the office said (of what I could understand), if the mail comes after I leave, she will give my mail to another missionary going do to Osorno. So far haven't met any others going to Osorno... so we'll see what happens!

I love you and and thank you for you prayers and emails. You have no idea how much you are blessing and strengthening me.

te amo

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