Monday, March 27, 2017


hola familia!

How was your week? Hopefully it was good :) Thanks for writing Kyle and Jake ;) Joey you’re my favorite brother, I knew I could always count on you!!! and.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! 

So... first off I’ll start by saying that I never wanted to serve in Osorno... but I’m here and I know that I will learn a lot. I feel like I am in downtown LA. It is really weird.

My sector is the richest sector in the mission. The houses are HUGE, there and no dogs in the streets. No trash on the sidewalk. Literally I feel so naked, so uncomfortable.

I think Padre Celestial is preparing me so I don’t have a huge culture shock coming home. I don’t like it.

All the streets are paved. People wear really nice clothes. Outward appearance is important here.

And just about everyone has a fence and a little doorbell that you ring. Next to it is a little voice box so the people can answer without even coming outside. Somehow people feel that if they can’t see you or you can’t see them, then it is oaky to be really rude. It is a really hard sector and I feel like I am in Futrono in that aspect again.

We spent a whole day outside, knocking doors and talking with people on the street. About 10 answered their doors physically and nicely told us that they are already saved. We have no progressing investigadores either.

The ward is really tiny. About 30 come. There are 4 YW and 2 YM. We falt (missed) a lot of priesthood holders. And young people. The majority of members here have about 60 years. There is A LOT of work to do.

My companion is from Sao Paulo, Brazil!!! She has 30 years, but doesn’t really talk a lot. It’s hard because she doesn’t speak a lot of Spanish and has a lot of embarrassment for it. We pass a lot of time thinking our own thoughts.

I’m trying to help her and slowly she is warming up to the language I think I will learn some more patience this transfer. But, a miracle occurred this morning!! She started the conversation!!! It didn’t last long, but she started it!!

I’ve been talking a lot with Padre Celestial, so that is one upside of the situation. But I’m glad to be here. Last week, I was talking and kind of complaining to Papito Dios, and He kindly gave me the confirmation that this is where I need to be and I need to be with her. It was a sweet, peaceful feeling from Padre Celestial that He knows my thoughts and is aware and loves me.

Leaving Puerto Montt was really hard. I love the members there and we had found a ton of people the last transfer. They are going to have many baptisms this transfer!!!!!

Um umn um not much more has happened... half the mission is sick with  a really bad flu bug. My comp woke up today and didn’t feel too well and noow I’m starting to feel weird... 

Sorry it’s not very long.... nothing excitingly new happened this week, just a lot of door knocking and trying develop more charity.

Les amo! Hopefully I’ll have more to tell next week!

forgot to mention that there are no drunks either... no one follows us home at night... I feel too safe!

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