Monday, February 27, 2017

Something's on the Horizon

Hola familia!
when the elders ate here yesterday.... I'm surprised I ate it all!


This week has been really strange weather-wise! When I last wrote, it was raining all week, then this past week it rotated a few days being rainy or really, really hot, humid and muggy.

Then on Friday it was freaking hot without a cloud in the sky.  We went to bed without blankets and woke up at 4ish freezing cold. 

Saturday was cloudy and freezing. 

Sunday was cloudy and a little cooler and today it is still cloudy and cold.

Something is going to happen. This weather is not normal. Many people are talking that we are going to have another huge earthquake and tsunami because this was how the weather was a few weeks leading up to the huge earthquake and tsunami in 2010 here in Chile. And to make it even more suspicious, all of the sudden, President is stressing the importance of being prepared for natural disasters and having our 72 hour kits ready. We just got a new updated emergency plan too. 

what happened here? It's like Pompeii. Yep its a gato

The Lord is trying us right now. All of the sudden, no one wants anything. I was really having a bad time with all the rain, stress about figuring out entercambios (exchanges) with all of the hermanas (we also got two new hermanas that were added into our zone just this past week), so yeah, I was a bit stressed.

I don’t remember what day it was, but we woke up to the sound of rain and I was not happy.  I began to pray for help and that Heavenly Father would give me the strength and patience to work today. That He would bless me with peace and joy in being outside in the rain. All the morning, I was angry but praying for help and joy. Throughout scripture study and comp study, I tried to think of positive things but the negativity swallowed me and I felt like I was stuck in a thick wet cloud with no escape.

I said one last quick prayer for help and animo (cheering up). Then, when we left our apartment and I stepped outside in the rain, I felt a sweet feeling come over me. I felt that Heavenly Father knew my situation and that He loved me. I felt so happy and so blessed to be able to be in Chile and blessed that I have legs that work and a healthy body so that I could leave every day to teach people about Jesus Christ.

That was one of the best days that I have had in the rain. Yes, it rained all day and I was soaking wet and no one let us in, but I felt a peace and a love from Heavenly Father that it didn´t matter to me at all.

Many times, we pray for peace or help and then just stand there waiting for it to come. We have to pray in faith, meaning we pray and then we act in what we know we should or ought to do. Once we take that act of faith the blessings come.

I could have faked being sick and stayed in the house all day, but then I would have, One, lied and felt bad and Two, I would have been even more frustrated and angry.

If you are searching for answers or peace, pray and then act. I promise you that you will get the answer or peace or courage that you need and seek.

This Sunday Eduardo got the priesthood!! It was awesome!!! It was just like his baptism—a very sweet happy experience. He was grinning ear to ear. That night we had a lesson with him about baptisms for the dead and he said that he was already planning to go to the temple for baptisms in December.

haha he also got a calling. He doesn’t like staying for the second and third hour, so the bishop gave him the assignment of opening and closing the church on Sunday. He told us that now he has to stay for the three hours because he has to close the church. But he was really happy about it and happy that the bishop and Padre Celestial trusted in him to have this responsibility. It is so awesome! 

It´s crazy how fast time has flown by! I feel like I´ve lived in Chile my whole life. I think it is going to be really rough coming back. I am so used to the disorder in the streets, the way of life, the language. I am used to the food, although it is SUPER unhealthy because they fry everything and eat the same thing day in and day out. But, I still have a few more months so I´m going to stop talking about coming home…

Sorry it’s short. I’m not feeling to great. Hna Adams had a fever last night and my nose is all stuffy. Pray for me that I don’t get more sick please!

Love you all like an ingrown toenail!

Have a great week! Make someone smile :)

les amo

the first few pics are of where we live... in a rectangle box.

Puerto Montt

last Monday we spent the most part of our p day helping some hnas clean their apartment from black mold that was growing in their room. 


all of us


Isla Tenglo in the back

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