Monday, January 9, 2017

another weekcomeand gone.....

hola familia!

comoestan_ sooothis computerSTINKS.thespace bar doesn’twork verywellandiamlosing my patience tryingto write to my mission presidente sooooo sorry....but I’lljustbe sending pics this week of what happenedlastweek 

(Karissa’s Dad and I told her we were fine with the spacebar problem and that we wanted more information before she sent pictures. We told her we’d try to decipher her new code for Family Home Evening).

hahahafineFHEactivityfortonight.thisweekwasreallygood.wesawalotofmiraclesandwewereabletohelpalotofpeople.iwant to tellyouabouta coolexperiencethatwe had... so partofthemissionrulesisthatwe cantgoincars unless thereisanotherwoman withus. Wehaveaninvestigador, Mouricio,that livesreallyfaraway and doesn’thaveacar.he attendedchurch for the firsttimethisSunday. buttheprocessingettinghimto churchwas CRAZY!weplannedon takingacolectivotohis house and thenamalememberthat liveskindofnearhimwasgoingtomeetusathishousealsoto driveustothechurch.wehadanotherhermanathatwasgoingto gowithusbut 20minutesbeforewe weregoingtopass byherhousetogowithhershecalledus andtold us that herhusbandwassickandthat she couldn’t go... sooowebegan callingallthe hnasthatweknew...nobody couldgo. wedecidedto walk and passby foronemorehermanathat liveskindofnearour house.we passedby and she told us, “welli haven’tdonemymakeupandi’mstillgettingready,but thisismoreimportantthanthat so let’svamos!” itwasawesome!and wewentwith her.wethen hadtowait foracolectivo topass by.... we waitedfor about 15mintues. itwasinterestingbecause we werereallylatefortimewaiting foracolectivo andpassing by forthe hnaButi butwehadacalmpeacefulfeeling that wewouldmakeitontime.andwedid! wewereabletogettomouricio’shouseontime and the othermember cameontimeandwewereabletogotochurch.sacramentmeetingwasfastandtestimonymeetingandwas soooo powerful. it totallyblew mouricio, the inverstigator,away. heisso prepared....we’ve onlyhadone lessonwithhimand heacceptedgoingto church,which usuallyis the hardestcompromisoforthe people. wepassedbyyesterdaytoseehowhewasand whathethoughtof the church.he saidthathestillhas alotof questionsbut manyhave beenanswered.weinvitedhimto be baptizedandhesaidifallhisquestionsgetansweredYES!!!right nowhisgoalis28deenero. heissoooprepared.

welll...sorrybut imjustgoingtosendpicsbecause thisisreallybotherningme...

(In case you can't read "hashtag," here it is with all the appropriate spaces!)

como estan_ sooo this computer STINKS. The space bar doesn’t work very well and I am losing my patience trying to write to my mission presidente sooooo sorry....but I’ll just be sending pics this week of what happened last week 

Hahaha fine FHE activity for tonight.

This week was really good. We saw a lot of miracles and we were able to help a lot of people. I want to tell you about a cool experience that we had...

So part of the mission rules is that we can’t go in cars unless there is another woman with us. We have an investigador, Mouricio, that lives really far away and doesn’t have a car. He attended church for the first time this Sunday. But the process in getting him to church was CRAZY!

We planned on taking a colectivo (taxi) to his house and then a male member that lives kind of near him was going to meet us at his house also to drive us to the church. We had another hermana that was going to go with us but 20 minutes before we were going to pass by her house to go with her she called us and told us that her husband was sick and that she couldn’t go... sooo we began calling all the hnas that we knew...nobody could go.

We decided to walk and pass by for one more hermana that lives kind of near our house. We passed by and she told us, “Well I haven’t done my makeup and I’m still getting ready, but this is more important than that so let’s vamos!” It was awesome! And we went with her.

We then had to wait for a colectivo to pass by.... we waited for about 15mintues. It was interesting because we were really late for time waiting for a colectivo and passing by for the hna Buti, but we had a calm peaceful feeling that we would make it on time, and we did! We were able to get to Mouricio’s house on time and the other member came on time and we were able to go to church.

Sacrament meeting was fast and testimony meeting and was soooo powerful. It totally blew Mouricio, the inverstigator, away.  He is so prepared....we’ve only had one lesson with him and he accepted going to church, which usually is the hardest compromise for the people.

We passed by yesterday to see how he was and what he thought of the church. He said that he still has a lot of questions but many have been answered. We invited him to be baptized and he said if all his questions get answered YES!!! Right now his goal is 28 de Enero. He is sooo prepared.

rain rain and more rain....but hey, at least there's beauty

I'm going black

flash flood! Tell Kim B Clark to get he ark!

a young woman that accompanies us and is prepping for the mission

this happened
like 5 weeks ago...someone egged our house


district Christmas party


The Earthquake on Christmas

Puerto Montt and the volcanoes

making our new year's doll

New Year's roast lamb
today we went on a biking trip with the young women. My bottom hurts

biking around  PUERTO MONTT

its a beautiful city

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