Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fast and Ye Shall Receive


To answer your questions Dad:

Our Momita is a member of the branch, the water is safe to drink but tastes weird—I’m getting used to it though, there is a lady in the branch that does laundry for us, but we have to wash our whites by hand.

…we don’t have a car, but we take the bus to neighboring towns in our sector (I’ve gotten sick all the times on the bus because we are usually in the back, but I’m getting better! By the end of my mission, I should be cured of carsickness. It is all so fun, because the bus seats about 30 but there are usually 45 to 50 people jammed in, sitting or standing super close. It’s fun…especially when it is 90 degrees…and smells great J)

We DO have hot water but it is off and on…I met with President Obeso once on my first day for about 5 minutes, but  I have an interview with him tomorrow in Paillace. There’s about 30 active members in the branch and about 150 less active…of the 30 there are 5 Priesthood holders, which makes it really challenging. Especially because most of them are recent converts and are still trying to learn the way to do things.

Oh! And there is a guy who is from Brazil in our branch and only speaks Portuguese. It sounds like a mix between Spanish and German and is really difficult to understand him. Our house is about the size of our kitchen and our shower is half the size of Dad’s portable camping shower (which is super small). It’s tiny.

We have three new investigators and have seen a lot of miracles with people changing. But a lot of them have decided later that they don’t want to change right now and it is really sad. It is also hard to find a lot of people because it is summer right now and Futrono is a tourist town. Just about everyone we talk to says that they don’t have time to listen because they are on vacation or going to the playa…

This week was probably the hardest yet since I’ve left home. We had three awesome days where we found people and did service and helped a lot. And then we had three really hard days of 90 degree weather, lots of walking, lots of rejection, and most of our investigators didn’t have time to complete their compromisos (commitments like reading scriptures and praying to know if they are true), or time to talk…it was really hard but this scripture helped me out: Hebrews 12:9 and 14.

Funny moments: a little girl never saw blue eyes before and when she saw mine, she jumped up and grabbed my face and just stared into my eyes for a good three minutes!

Anyways…time’s up…so much to tell LIt is hard because I only get one hour to email and have a lot of people to email, including the mission president (BUT DON’T STOP SENDING EMAILS!) Sorry, I didn’t have time for pictures! Next week, I promise!

Send me more pictures and videos of all you guys, but make them like vines (6 secondish).

Oh, and Mom, when you and Dad sent me the picture of you guys at the Redlands Temple…YOU WERE WEARING MY JACKET!!!!

Love you all so much!

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