Friday, June 10, 2016

It's All a Lie

Hola Familia!

Well... 6 hours in a bus and 3 hours by plane, traveling with 6 other elders and I am here, at the bottom of the map! Haha not going to lie, it is not what I expected at all. I thought it would be little rustic pueblos and mountains and beautifulness with icebergs and penguins....  like in the movie 180° South, but instead, Punta Arenas is a huge city, trashy.

Patagonia is like 4 hours away and it’s against mission rules to go…BUT the Strait of Magellan is literally across the street from me! Sorry this is short...

My new comp is Hna Torres, a Colombian. She has just 6 weeks left in her missio. We are in a whitewash area which means that there were Elders the cambio (transfer) before and now it's us. We have no idea where to go, who are the members, less actives, and our area is one of the biggest areas in Punta... it's really tough, but I testify that God answers prayers.

There are 6 other hermanas here and 20 elders. They are all latino and all are super close because they have been together for 2 or more cambios.

Bad new, while at a member's house their cat attacked me and scratched me all over and my skin started to swell... guess I'm still allergic to cats.

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